Permanent exhibitions

The beauty and romantic atmosphere of the countryside can be easily captivating while hiking, yet the real treasures of nature remain mostly hidden. What is that green beetle with the metallic sheen? What kind of plants populate those seemingly monotone grasslands? Which bird is chirping in those trees? Who is moving over there under the leaves…?

Our permanent exhibitions offer a detailed display of the bio- and geodiversity of not only the Carpathian Basin, but the whole Earth as well. Our mission to inform our visitors and encourage them to love the treasures of nature at an early age, so they can contribute to their protection when grown up.

Colourful LIFE – An Expedition on the Hungarian Countryside

Lost Worlds – The Age of Dinosaurs in Hungary

Underground Secrets – Minerals, Rocks and Gemstones

Wonderful World of Coral Reefs


Fin Whale Skeleton